Is there magic in the number 30?

30 days seems to be popping into my life a lot right now.  Right now with recovery from concussion and whip lash I’ve been in cronic pain for over 6 months. Movement over not purposly moving my body has always proven to be successful. So why do I stop?   In August , in a effort to get back to being more active with out hurting myself further, I set a goal of  two 30 day challenges.  The first was really about getting more daily movement through steps , and to play with my new step tracker. The goal was to hit 8,000 steps a day. It was harder than I thought. Reviewing my month I was about 85% successful.  Weekly I averaged out over 8,000 but not always daily.  Maybe if I was able to add in missed steps from doing things like holding hand rails on steps and walking while carrying things with both hands  I might have made it but …. Still a little disappointing .  Decision : keep going until I actually do it 30 days in a row

My second 30 day challenge was inspired by this post about 366 Days of Yoga from my favourite blog Fit Is A Feminist Issue.  I’ve now done yoga on and off for close to 15 years. I love the peace and challenge it bring me,the feeling of strength it can provide, but mostly the ease to my sore muscles.  Like Laura I set a goal to do some yoga every day even if only 5 mins.  That small a time garunteed that I at least stopped and purposefully stretched every day, something I’d stopped doing.  My success was closer to 90% on this one. Things I learned, best to do it in the AM for me it starts the day right and makes sure it’s done.  I MUST follow a YouTube video or possibly a class. I do not know enough to make sure I’m doing  the correct poses/counter poses to not hurt myself.  After  I stopped trying to go it alone my success rate was 100%.  My body and mood started feeling better.  Even my “brain trust” of  people helping me recover started seeing th changes with out me even mentioning it.  Decision: keep at it 366 days here I come!

Last but not least my current fun is supporting my partner Chris Loblaw as he launched his  30 day Kickstarter project to help self publish his newest novel The Ember and The Knife.  This is the fourth book in his Spellbound Railway Series.  WitchKids , book one of ‘The Spellbound Railway” series  was published in 2011 and was about two best friends trying to adapt to the hectic life at high school, just like any normal kid. But they discover that they’ve suddenly gained the power of wild magic,  and normal goes out the window.  From there books two and three take you on wild advetues.  As Larrisa, one of his readers, said

“I can testify that the first 3 books are intelligent, well thought out, easy/fun to read books with original ideas and a wide appeal. I can’t wait to get my eyes on this new one!”

I’m so excited to see this fourth book come into reality as my concussion brought this almost to a stand still.  Chris dropped everything to take care of me, our son ,and every aspect of  our combined lives.  If your interested in learning more about his books check out  his website or the Kickstarter  (which is sort of a fancy way to pre book the fourth book)

Well, I don’t know if the number is magic, but it’s certainly leading me in a possitive direction. 

About Kristen Loblaw

Travels, trials and tribulations as I get healthier and happier.
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